Dynamic Balancing of Rotary Machineries


Dynamic balancing of rotors weighing up to 6000 kg, length up to 40 ft and dia up to 12 ft. Rotors of pumps, compressors, fans, blowers, gas & steam turbines, motors, alternators, ship & boat propellers etc can be dynamically/statically balanced on latest computerized and OEM Certified European balancing machine. We have special facility for dynamically balance engines/reciprocating compressors & pumps crankshaft.



Thermal Coating Service


Thermal coating facility (cold spray) for rebuilding of shafts (e.g. bearing & sealing areas, casings etc) of pumps, compressors, fans, blowers, turbines, motors, alternators etc by spraying various ferrous & non-ferrous materials i.e. various grades of stainless steel  for restoration of original dimensions and increase in wear resistance properties (surface hardness of up to 40 HRC or more can be achieved), application of corrosion protection coatings i.e. Zn, Al, Zn/Al alloy etc by thermal coating process, restoration of original dimensions of bearing and big end areas of crankshafts of engines, reciprocating compressors & pumps to original dimensions etc etc.



Polymer/Ceramic Coating Service


Application of ceramic/polymer coatings (manufactured by Patig GmbH, Germany) for repair/refurbishment of valves, pumps, compressors, steel structure etc both in-shop and on-site and for protection against corrosion and erosion.



Dry Ice Blasting


  • It is non abrasive, non conductible and non flammable blasting.
  • Effective way to clean  both surfaces and machinery, through  propelling the CO2 pellets at high speed.
  • Both in-shop & on-site for removal of grease, oil, dirt etc.
  • Cleaning of motors, alternators, electrical panels, molds  etc.
  • Application: Plastic Industries, Printing and Paper Industries, Food Industries , Rubber Industries etc.


Mechanical Fabrication/Refurbishment


  • Fabrication of mechanical equipment particularly related to gas compression system i.e. inlet & outlet filter housings, buffer vessels, oil storage tanks, steel structure, piping work etc.
  • Overhauling/refurbishment of rotary & stationary equipment i.e. pumps, compressors, blowers, fans, valves, heat exchangers etc.
  • In-shop Sand / Grit Blasting service for surface preparation and painting.
  • Laser and dial gauge alignment of rotors.
  • Inspection using MPI Test & DPT.


Electrical Overhauling & Testing


  • Overhauling / servicing of motors & alternators in-shop & on-site.
  • Electrical repair / Rewinding of motors & alternators.
  • Dynamic balancing of rotors.
  • Mechanical repair of motors & alternators.
  • Class H/F Vanishing and electrical curing both in-shop & on-site.
  • Electrical testing both in-shop & on-site includes:
      • Insulation Test
      • Polarization Index Test
      • Resistance Test
      • Voltage Drop Test


Other Facility


In-shop and on-site:


  • Magnetic Particle inspection facility (Nondestructive testing) for surface and near sub surface crack detection complete with demagnetizing facility. Inspection and measuring equipment are all certified.
  • Hardness testing.
  • Testing of cables, bus bars, motors and alternators for inspection, life assessment etc.
  • Laser alignment for accurate alignment of electrical and mechanical machinery.
  • Vibration measurement.
  • Sand/Grid Blasting facilities
  • Hot and Cold Pressure Cleaning




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