Gas Conditioning Stations

We provide gas fuel treatment systems to supply clean, dry, gases regulated to pressures and temperatures as required by our customers.

Depending on site conditions, packages can be provided with systems and enclosures, to ensure safe and continuous outdoor operation in both arctic and tropical or desert environments.

  • Pressure up to 250 bar
  • Volume flow up to 15’000 Nm3/h
  • Gas type: any

    • Oil & Gas
    • Power Generation
    • Refrigeration
    • Renewable Energy

    OIL & GAS

    We offer the best long-term value across a wide range of up-mid-downstream oil and gas applications, petrochemical industry and the refineries.

    Compression installations are custom designed and built with years of experience to optimize compression solutions to follow perfectly in terms of performance, reliability to the industry needs.

    • Boil off
    • Gas gathering
    • Gas recovery
    • Customized solutions
    • Flare gas recovery


    Compressors are used as fuel boosters to compress natural gas from various sources to gas turbines and gas Engines that function as generator sets or mechanical drives.

    Fuel gas will be continuous supplied at the Gas Turbine, at specific temperature and pressure, by the booster compressor.

    Fuel boosters can be customized on specific request. The choice of compressor type and capacity control system is based on required working data such as: flow rate, inlet/outlet pressure.

    • Gas engine boosters
    • Gas turbine boosters
    • Gas stations
    • Gas mixing units
    • Peaking load units


    We apply our outstanding experience in gas boosters and associated gas recovery to develop innovative cooling solutions to meet our customers’ requirements.

    Our skills enabled us to design highly efficient separation systems based on screw compressor technology.

    • Process cooling
    • LNG production
    • Storage tank
    • Flare gas treatment and hydrocarbon recovery
    • Ammonia boil off
    • Gas compression


    We design packages for this specific application of the “wet gases”. Compressors are designed to compress from very low pressure as well, and dehydrate the gases prior to delivery to the customer interface.

    • Bio methane processing
    • Biogas compression
    • Landfill gas recovery


    • We support our customers throughout the entire development of the project, starting from a free consultation up to the installation and after-sales services.
    • We provide customized solutions for the training of personnel
    • Lower maintenance costs and improved process operations are only a few of the benefit you can achieve when your personnel are well trained
    Sales & After Sales

    Our Sales team is always ready to listen to customers’ needs and suggest the best technical and commercial solution.


    Our package concept is plug & play delivery. Therefore, we normally provide the installation procedure and customer.

    Start Up

    With our team of experienced engineers based around the globe, we can provide a fast start up of our products.


    We provide customized training on site or even class room training in our facility. Training program are decided commonly.

    Valuable Client